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Hi, everyone! My name is Anton, I am 20 years old.  I have a wife, she is my partner in work and in life.  We are looking for people, who are ready to create useful, convenient services contrary to all existing standards and stereotypes.


What does our team offer?  We have the opportunity to create (one of the team members is a US citizen) a business projectwhich will be used in the United States.


“Order In” is a service for delivery, dropshipping, sales, etc. at the same time.  We use ready-made platforms, in which the ability to create a bot is implemented - a robot that will process and form an order.  

A specialist who can handle this is needed first of all.  

The project has a large innovative segment that covers a large number of important consumer and economic issues.


Now, let me show you what “order in” means. 



SWOT analysis. 


The strengths of the product: 


1) The absence of competition in this market segment of the USA 2) Convenience 

    3) The adjusted system in the processing of orders


Job creation


 Small business assistance


4) Order In is primarily a platform for communication withother platforms and services. The convenience can be describedas following: we compensate your potential time-costs by the integration of our service into the platforms consumers are already familiar with. 

  5) Service potential capacity for the client: 

The main potential capacity of our service clears up at a time ofimmediate communication of the client with their order. Highlighting the personalities of our clients, we let each of themmake orders via any comfortable and convenient way (calls, messages, voice messages). Via messengers or social mediasthey are already familiar with! The undeniable advantage is thatour service helps to save personal time as it does everything for you! In an instant call it will choose better proposals accordingto ongoing needs of a client and their financial capacity by adjusting and gathering only the thing.   6) Relevance:

Delivery systems are an important and vital segment ofeconomy. Their importance has been proved during the COVID-19 situation and the pandemic. We will simplify orders fromsuch platforms putting them together in Order In. A client willnot need to look for certain items on the Internet, we will do everything for them! The main point of Order In is thateverything a client has to do is to communicate their desires and needs, everything else is our job.


How it is going to be in actual practice? 

1) A client has a need

2) The client goes to the service

3) Currently, there are several ways to gather order information. 

4) Regardless of the order way, the key factor for achieving thegoal is sensible and understandable instructions to the client interms of service work: the instructions will be given step by step with the development of their needs. (The order can via call, wetaught how to do it, the same with other requests) 

5) After processing the order, the data goes to an operator (afterthe algorithmic processing, the final order processing in the system happens (through individually selected order components (name, shop, place). The operator will only need tocreate an order, send it to the client for approval and make a purchase. After purchasing the operator will also need to sendthe delivery information to the client. 

6) The principles of contrast perception and sequence: 

We have already mentioned the principle of contrast perception and sequence. Them we make similar reasoning for the practicaluse of the trade patterns in terms of our business project. Theprinciple of contrast perception is proved in psychophysics. Theproof of that is the experiment with three water vessels bydipping one hand into hot water and the other one into coldwater; then simultaneously dipping both hands into warm water we will get the proof of this theory as perceptual inversion takes place: the hand from cold water feels warm water as hot and the hand from hot water feels warm water as cold. The practicalimplementation of this theory takes place in term of work with“busy clients”, or in more simple words, work with urgentclients. When a client approaches our service with, let’s say, an“unobvious request”, we use one popular work strategy of largefamous firms, we suggest product range from the most expensive to the least expensive (if a client has no clear understanding of the final order).  


 Now some words about the principle of sequence: 

The principle of sequence can be viewed from differentperspectives, but applying this trade pattern into MVP pattern is the easiest way to manage the sequence of agreement of disagreement (it’s better to search for a new client than to elicit actions from the one who doesn’t agree). As advertisingdiversity and market range allows us to find a new client and not to stick to the one who doesn’t want to use our service. 

The social communication inside the service and everything that is connected to it. 


1. The social communication inside the service

As we have mentioned previously, the use of alreadyimplemented into the platform extensions doesn’t imply any extra payment. Without applying any innovation components,we will create separate channel-chats for the users of our subscription where, accordingly, there is more functional capacity for our clients. If a product is in our base and thelogistics lies with us too, the subscription users can see it anduse this service segment for personal reasons, the users can also communicate with each other.

The social engineering encouragement of active subscribers. This point has the aim to highlight the perspectives of growthand interest increase in using the interface. Also, to highlight theincrease of the number of practical services (reciprocity norms).  We will create user ratings and will be able to envisage somespecial encouragement options for those who take part in the life of the service. 


2. Paid subscription  

While forming the final model of the project we will offer ourusers to get acquainted with the term of drop shipping not onlyas clients but also to earn money using it, it is easy to explain. When you look through any information resource (Avito, Yula) and you know that your closest friend needs a new or previouslyused phone, you are not likely to notify them about the advertisement because the deal has no return service. Oursubscribers will be able to turn the needs of their environment, familiar “market relationships” into their own passive income.So, we will not implement any difficult elements into the servicestructure but we are still increasing the opportunity of success ofsuch vital service elements as promotion (Соответственно мыне внедряем каких-либо сложных элементов в архитектурусервиса, но при этом повышаем вероятность успешноститаких жизненно необходимых элементов сервиса как: продвижение (grapevine, retaining clients by building some business relationships and utilizing again such psychological pattern as reciprocity).


Our subscribers will also have the opportunity to invite newindividuals and legal persons into the platform which will create product segment without warehousing. So, we will be able toencourage potential users of our paid subscription by returningits fee on condition that they have made the amount of purchases or sales equal to the amount of money they spent on the subscription. The goal of such commercial trick againcreates the use of reciprocity norms among the clients of our subscription. Optionally our users will be able to have a directimpact and income from deliveries. It will work as following: 

Let’s suppose, a person living in A wants to make a purchase inB which makes a category we deliver ourselves. Respectively, another user and a paid subscriber will see this request andintroduce the former to the estimated delivery time, and if theterms of the delivery are suited for the former person, we offer the latter the amount of money equal to the amount of money we will pay to the delivery man because the user will deliver the order themselves. 


And of course...


Last but not the least, we have made an emphasis on thegrapevine. In case of over reception of the project by the market, not using a specially developed platform will result in saving the resources and time for implementing those automation systems which are needed.  We will be able to implement it in theshortest possible time, without rates loss due to quality loss, error correction and updating. As mentioned earlier, our serviceis based on the completed platforms; so, our product is not subject to ny risks that threaten companies owing platforms which have become the basis for Order In project.


Weaknesses of the project: 


1. Unpredictable inventory in the store.  

In the event that we are faced with the fact that the product intended by the buyer is not in the store from which he (the buyer) would like to make a purchase.  In such circumstances, the convenience of the service may play against us.  Namely, the subsequent clarification of similar positions by the operator (loss of time), or the search for a similar product in other stores.  


2. The human factor.  

Provided that we face difficulties as expected.  At the stage of working out the working layout of the project, this factor is both a plus and a minus.  The person forms the base, which we can then put into the bot.  Thus, by sacrificing the speed of order processing at the beginning, we acquire an extensive client base.  


3. Advertising costs.  

The project requires a consumer.  In fact, it is not very important for us at the stage of working out the layout for how much people will be purchased.  Since the method of monetization will first of all be taken from the model of work of dropshippingprojects.



 Contact with me for any questions - +79689486263


Роль автора: Founder, Friend

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